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Holidays in Turkey – Tips and offers for your visit to Turkey

Right between east and west is one of the most beautiful countries in the world: Turkey.

The architectural, musical and gastronomic manifestation of cultures from Asia and Europe (and also from Africa) has given it an air of sorcery and unique attractions.

A visit to this country means immersing oneself in the paths of history and art, in a varied and magnificent nature, and in a hospitable country open to parties and sports.

The Anatolian peninsula shelters 800,000 square kilometers full of surprises awaiting our visit: The charm of the villas and islands surrounding the Sea of Marmara, the fascinating Aegean coasts, the beaches of transparent waters of the Mediterranean and in its interior the mysterious Cappadocia

Turkey is a place full of legends and myths, waiting to be discovered.


Istanbul has several honors: having been the capital of three empires: Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, being one of the most visited capitals in the world and also being the largest city in Turkey, with almost 15 million inhabitants.

Istanbul is always between two waters: it is too oriental to be European and too Western to be Asian, it lies between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea, between two continents, Europe and Asia; and between two worlds, the traditional and the modern.

From the most emblematic sites of Istanbul, you can not miss the Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya, symbol of Istanbul) the Blue Mosque (named for the 20,000 tiles that adorn its dome), take a boat trip on the Bosphorus, haggle in the Great Bazar and see all the Ottoman splendor in the Topkapi Palace.


Capadocia is an unusual combination, where the artistic brilliance of Mother Nature and the multiple human resources merge.

It is located in the heart of Turkey, between Aksaray to the west, Kayseri to the east and Nígde to the south. It is a fantastic place, since the peculiar formations of the rocks give the impression of being on the moon, as well as the vegetation that mixes with these huge stones, giving rise to a truly unique landscape in the world.

What you can not miss in Cappadocia is: Goreme open-air museum (cave churches with cave paintings), Kaymakli underground city, Derinkuyu underground city, Pasabaq (mushroom-shaped fairy chimneys) and Devrent (chimneys) of fairies with animal forms).


One could consider Pamukkale as a cotton fortress. It is an unusual geological formation, found in the Aegean area.

At first glance, they may seem simple stepped terraces filled with waters with high calcium content of incredible beauty, since the tectonic displacements that took place in the depression of the fault of the Menderes river basin not only originated numerous earthquakes but also propitiated the appearance of numerous thermal springs.

It was precisely these waters, with their high content of minerals, that created Pamukkale. The abundant sources of thermal waters with high calcium and bicarbonate index produce the effect of frozen waterfall on the slope of the mountain, being one of the main tourist attractions of Turkey.

The gastronomy of Turkey is exquisite and very peculiar, since when being on horseback between the West and East, it fuses the best of the two culinary cultures.

For the Turks it is essential not to disguise the flavors and, therefore, although the country is famous for its spices, they only enhance the flavor of the main ingredients of a dish, they never hide them. It is also striking to hear how Europeans murmur in admiration at any restaurant that tomatoes here taste like tomatoes.

Flavors of the earth that irrevocably move us to a more fresh and authentic culinary past and that in Turkey is the most current.


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